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Ducked Ape - Hot EP

Ducked Ape pair up with vocalist L's to bring you enticing deep house with a sensual twist.

“You think it's hot, but I'm freezing" go L's catchy vocals ­ reminiscent of the better Justin
Timberlake hooks. Meshed with Ducked Ape's ever signature warm deep house sound,
Hot is a lush feel good house track that sticks.

On remix duty are LarryKoek and La Felix, both creating takes on Hot with a strong funky twist. Dutch friends LarryKoek bring out the guitar jams, whereas New Zealand based La Felix infuses that 80's vibe that we are so ever fond of at Heroic.

1) Ducked Ape ­ Hot (ft. L's)
2) Ducked Ape ­ Hot (ft. L's) (LarryKoek Remix)
3) Ducked Ape ­ Hot (ft. L's) (La Felix Remix)

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