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Ark Patrol - Voyager

From the depths of Hawaiian grounds, we bring you Voyager.
A journey through life, observed through the eyes of an innocent beholder. Staring at awe at the world, to be confronted with it's realities and wonders. Voyager is the debut albumof Ark Patrol, our Berklee attending Hawaiian based artist, whom with his true passion for scoring games and movies, has created a long player that is infused with a sense of epicness. It left us astonished.

From soundscapes that transport you to the arcade, to driving and always harmonious
beats, Ark Patrol finds the perfect balance between ambient sounds, hip­hop beats and
ever signature synths. Voyager is intense, emotional and uniquely Ark Patrol. To infinity...
and beyond.

Mastered in the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam.

1) Ark Patrol ­ Insert Coin
2) Ark Patrol ­ Infinity
3) Ark Patrol ­ Voyager
4) Ark Patrol ­ Sun
5) Ark Patrol ­ Trespasser
6) Ark Patrol ­ Never
7) Ark Patrol ­ Cry
8) Ark Patrol ­ A Lonely Night

9) Ark Patrol ­ Superdream

This purchase includes:
- MP3 pack (compressed)
- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack
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