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StereoCool - Summer Flava EP

The grandmaster of funk is back.... StereoCool!

As huge fans of his signature retro sound, we couldn't resist compiling the best of
StereoCool's releases. Tracks that came out, but were never properly distributed. Now­ re-mastered and with a Heroic touch, we bring these to you.

With milestones 'Heat State' and 'The Funktotum' up front, StereoCool brings it jazzy,
funky and 80's inspired. Full of powerful synths, grooving bass-lines and what we like to call that Summer Flava.

1) StereoCool ­ Heat State
2) StereoCool ­ The Funktotum (ft. Fais)
3) StereoCool ­ Now Or Never (ft. Shawn Elliot)

4) StereoCool ­ Dogs On The Rocks (ft. Xela)

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- MP3 pack (compressed)
- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack
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