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Stereocool - Redshift

Stardust and Heroic take you on an intergalactic journey with StereoCool's new EP “Red Shift".

A landmark release from the young Italian producer filled with powerful synths, funky leads, slamming basslines, potent vocals and a vivid 80's retro­ future atmosphere.

Launching into space with the smooth 'Wake Up', the jamming out commences once the shuttle arrives at 'The Sun'. Further along the journey we find 'The Lonely Astronaut', where StereoCool brings the synths out in full, topped off with a rainbow of melodies and vocals by Ace, enlightening us to vibe of “Red Shift". Propulsion then slows down with “Nightly"'s jazzy intro, before dropping in with the astronomically catchy melody paired with vocals by L's. Traveling home, the glowing “Comet Rider" makes us cross the speed of light with interstellar funkiness.

1) StereoCool ­ Wake Up
2) StereoCool ­ The Sun
3) StereoCool ­ The Lonely Astronaut (ft. Ace)
4) StereoCool ­ Nightly (ft. L's) (Original Mix)
5) StereoCool ­ Comet Rider

6) StereoCool ­ Nightly (ft. L's) (Radio Edit)

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- Wallpapers pack

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