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Ducked Ape - In The Night (Shimmer)

For our eighteenth release we present the new banger by Ducked Ape, whom are adhering to an insane release schedule and have been making big waves. With a recent release on Armada Music and their Una Mattina edit crossing the 110.000 plays in a week, they intend on stepping it up another notch with their new vocal tune in collaboration with songwriter Justin Mercelina.

In The Night
Ducked Ape come through with a subliminal journey of a track... fast paced and drum and bass influenced with a vocal hook so catchy you'll find yourself humming it for the next day. Trademarked by Ducked Ape signature melodies and baselines, it's a mesh between Parachute Youth and Cinnamon Chasers. Bound to become an anthem for pre­parties or high speed rides, as we all know the feeling it touches on ­ in the night we come alive, and every morning is a fight.

As the release was originally intended as an instrumental track under the name Shimmer,
we just couldn't resist adding that to the pack. A different experience, perhaps more
suited for the clubs.

1) Ducked Ape ­ In The Night (Shimmer) (Original Mix)
2) Ducked Ape ­ In The Night (Shimmer) (Radio Edit)

3) Ducked Ape ­ Shimmer

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- Wallpapers pack
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