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Jacoo - Hurt EP

For our seventeenth release we present to you the new EP by Jacoo. This long time Heroic family member has been building a steady name for himself in the liquid and chillstep scene, with his Soundcloud profile thriving and ever touching classically influenced tracks. With the Hurt EP, he has truly outdone himself.

Hurt EP

Jacoo sets out to take you on an adventure with the Hurt EP.... telling you a tale of travels, loss, friendship, love, and all things that make life worth living. Chillstep and liquid in it's purest form, with strong classical influences and Jacoo's trademark piano and drums.

Starting off with the grandiose 'Reincarnation', the EP progresses to the mesmerizing 'Life
Without You' and dives into the exceptional title track 'Hurt'. 'The Last String' truly touches

the soul with the melancholic vocals by Oneira and 'Peace Of Mind' draws the tale to a satisfying whole with Laura Hahn's soothing voice. The Hurt EP is a testimony to life ­ in all it's facets.

1) Jacoo -­ Reincarnation
2) Jacoo ­- Life Without You
3) Jacoo -­ Hurt
4) Jacoo -­ The Last String (feat. Oneira)

5) Jacoo ­- Peace of Mind

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- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack
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