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Ark Patrol - Ambition EP

For our fifteenth release we present the debut release by Ark Patrol. We discovered this Hawaiian wonder-boy through his unique and chilled out sound, which just drew our attention instantly. His sound combines the best of the modern synth-­pop, with old school hip-­hop and the indie vocals we all love. Now a student of Berklee College of Music, he makes his debut with the silky smooth Ambition EP.

Recorded at the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam.

Ambition EP

All so catchy ­ yet so unique. Ambition kicks off with title track, an exquisite combination
of glitch and hip­-hop that you just have to jam out to. Followed by the heavier Curse, which takes you on a ride with smooth female vocals and funky break downs. Coming to a full whole with Tokyo, a melancholic and emotional track that touches the soul. Ark Patrol is like Flume on steroids, but with a signature Hawaiian twist. Delicious.

1) Ark Patrol ­ Ambition
2) Ark Patrol ­ Curse

3) Ark Patrol ­ Tokyo

This purchase includes:- MP3 pack (compressed)
- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack

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