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P.E.O - Insane About It

For our thirteenth release we introduce a new artist to the family: P.E.O. Originally from

France, this globetrotter has started building a name for himself in Montreal, Canada, and
now Brussels, as he dives deeper into the electronic scene. His warm and enticing sound
caught our attention and resulted in the Insane About It EP. A step out of our comfort
zone at Heroic, going deeper than we ever have before.
Recorded in the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam.

Insane About It
P.E.O comes through with a record that's both touching yet driving. Melodic deep house
at its finest with many instrumental influences. Full of guitars, deep bass and piano keys,
the track drives you on a mesmerizing journey to sunsets and reminiscence. One for easy
listening, for lovers, or for the afterparty. Insane About It leaves you completely satisfied
yet wanting more.

P.O.G! delivers a warm and uplifting house banger, with vocals throughout and the
catchiest hook. Then we go one deeper with Jack Zwarts, with driving deep house at it's

finest ­ made for the dance floors. Nicolas Haelg is set on conquering hearts with a hugely soulful sax and vocal heavy take, which climax brings the release to the perfect end.

1) P.E.O ­ Insane About It (Original Mix)
2) P.E.O ­ Insane About It (P.O.G! Remix)

3) P.E.O ­ Insane About It (Jack Zwarts Remix)
4) P.E.O ­ Insane About It (Nicolas Haelg Remix)

This purchase includes:- MP3 pack (compressed)
- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack

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