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MusicDefinesGravity - New Chapter EP

This release represents a milestone for us. Sacred number ten. We're humbled to have
reached this number and have all of you to thank for this amazing journey thus far. To celebrate, we're putting out a release that is suited to the occasion. Presenting you new Heroic family member 'MusicDefinesGravity'. This Bulgarian producer has been building a solid reputation for himself and most of you in the YouTube scene will already have heard of him. We love his trademark sound and are especially delighted to have him on board.

New Chapter

Something special is what this track is. New Chapter has the sounds of something promising, uplifting and destined for greatness. Like the rays of the rising sun or the growth of a newly planted seed. And that what MusicDefinesGravity intended to do with this release. It signifies his break from a production hiatus to come back stronger than ever before. Effortlessly he merges the epicness of classical elements with drum step percussion, progressing into glitchesd drops with heavy 8 bit­esque synths. New Chapter comes through with a bang.

Together on the release are more remixes then we've ever had. Proudly we announce
that Wav35hapers & Joey Trife from Peak Hour Music, Tmare from Rockforce and our
own Jacoo have each delivered hugely surprising mixes that make this release into an

undeniably heavy package.

1) MusicDefinesGravity ­ New Chapter (Original Mix)
2) MusicDefinesGravity ­ New Chapter (Wav35hapers & Joey Trife Remix)
3) MusicDefinesGravity ­ New Chapter (Jacoo Remix)

4) MusicDefinesGravity ­ New Chapter (Tmare Remix)

This purchase includes:
- MP3 pack (compressed)
- AIFF pack (lossless)
- Wallpapers pack
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