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Whacka & Azuruk - Speaking In Tongues

[VR001] Whacka & Azuruk - Speaking In Tongues

With our first release we get straight down to business, dropping the killer drum & bass single 'Speaking In Tongues' by Whacka and Azuruk. Their collaboration brings together the best of both their neuro and glitch-hop influences, merging these fluently in a eerie sounding club killer. Speaking In Tongues.

All Stores - September 29th

ϟ Whacka ϟ
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Youtube - www.youtube.com/mrwhacka

ϟ Azuruk ϟ
Facebook - www.facebook.com/azurukmusic
Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/azurukmusic
Twitter - twitter.com/azuruk

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