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Ducked Ape - Follow [The Journey - Package]

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[HR032] Ducked Ape - Follow (Album)

With excitement we announce the debut album of Ducked Ape. A true passion project that is the product of months of continuous hard work and development. “Follow” is a beautifully composed 10 track long-player that goes far beyond just music...

The “Follow” album is a deeply immersive journey, based on a self-written story and interwoven with intricately illustrated artwork that immediately draws the listener and reader into a magical world.

From the warm tunes of Elephant Love, through the heartfelt magic of Pathway, to the victorious feeling in Push - this album is truly something special.

Follow the journey yourself...


1) Her
2) Elephant Love
3) Night Walk
4) Cave
5) Lost In Escape (ft. Lauren Tyler Scott)
6) Pathway
7) Promise
8) Push
9) Take Your Time
10) Mr. Jacob


All stores September 4th, 2015.

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