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Snareskin - Waves Of Time (ft. Labisch)

[VR007] Snareskin - Waves of Time (ft. Labisch)

Our next Villain release is by the talented Snareskin; a Dutchman from the south of The Netherlands. At only 20 years old, his productions are definitely way ahead of his age. Snareskin has managed to cut right to the chase with this song, delivering powerful emotions with catchy melodies.

Waves of Time, featuring the vocals of Labisch, is arranged creatively; arpeggios provide the melodic foundation, while the percussion consistently pushes the music forward throughout. Bright, omnipotent synth stabs at the chorus accentuate Labisch’s soft-yet-solid emotional vocals, making us feel many emotions at once. Sit back and experience the waves of sound crashing over you.

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