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J. Chris & srsly - Fanatic

[VR009] J. Chris & srsly - Fanatic

Dutch rapper J. Chris, debuting this month with Austrian producer srlsy, presents “Fanatic”. A dark, moody, Future track characterized by srsly’s fluttering synths and large bass is underscored by J. Chris’ steady vocals and individual style of rap. “Fanatic” makes us question the ground we stand on.

Evoking the earlier style of rap in the 90s, J. Chris’s flow is relentless but slower and complements the emotional landscape he creates with a percussive vibe. His rap recalls the days when rappers took time to get each word-- and therefore the message-- out. Combined with the sidechained kicks, “Fanatic" pulls us from one surprising direction to another.

1) J. Chris & srsly - Fanatic

All stores October 2, 2015.

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