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Ducked Ape - Pink Skies

[HR034] Ducked Ape - Pink Skies

Ducked Ape returns with another single, "Pink Skies”, that has an original story as well as continuity in the major themes from their last release Follow. Continuing from where we left Our Boy at the end of the Follow album, “Pink Skies” is largely about an unreachable dream; a mythical land above the clouds that is only accessible when the skies turn pink.

Our Boy hears tales of this place from his parents and the other creatures in his home, and sets out to attempt to reach this land.

"Pink Skies" is an emotional journey experienced through the eyes of Our Boy - defined by filtered synths, risers, and a general vibe of lightheartedness and excitement. But present in the percussion and strings is a hint of unease and sadness; a fear that Our Boy will not make it to the fabled land above. A perfect track for Ducked Ape to continue the journey.

1) Ducked Ape - Pink Skies

All stores October 9, 2015.

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