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Imagin8 - Mandala

[VR010] Imagin8 - Mandala

Our tenth release on Villain Recordings is “Mandala" by the talented Imagin8 - a 20 year-old producer from Boston, Massachusetts.

From the man himself: "I see every track, every production as a story that I want to tell the listener.” We think we understand what “Mandala” is trying to tell us. Imagin8 has extensively used Eastern-sounding scales (both major and minor), massive percussion, and all types of resampling. Together with bells, bright synths, and stringed instruments: the effect is powerful and yet, very unsettling.

Imagin8 got his name from wanting to inspire emotion and imagination in his productions, and this is vividly shown through “Mandala”. The clearest image we get from listening to this piece is of an adventurer going to explore some ruins in South Asia, and having to survive obstacles along the way.

All stores October 16, 2015.

1) Imagin8 - Mandala

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