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Jerad Finck - Criminal (WEKEED Remix)

HRX015: Jerad Finck - Criminal (WEKEED Remix)

Parisian duo WEKEED have remixed singer/songwriter Jerad Finck’s “Criminal", incorporating their unique blend of “sweaty grooves and sensuality” into an indie-based, electronic sonic exploration. The vocals rest comfortably on top of an ostinato created by picked guitar strings, and blend beautifully with Jerad’s vocals and the constant percussion and bass.

The song itself is minimal - only guitar, percussion, drums, and some background chords are used. Yet the absence of sound gives the song room to breathe, and allows the listener to take away different things from it. Some may be captivated by the guitar; some by the drums; some by the resampled vocals. Overall, the vibe is one of pleasure and pain; of an inner duality known to by Jerad Finck, but implemented into our consciousness through WEKEED’s arrangement.

All stores October 20, 2015

1) Jerad Finck - Criminal (WEKEED Remix)
2) Jerad Finck - Criminal (WEKEED Remix Edit)

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