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Ducked Ape - Lost In Escape (ft. Lauren Tyler Scott) (Snareskin Remix)

HRX015: Ducked Ape - Lost In Escape (ft. Lauren Tyler Scott) (Snareskin Remix)

Dutchman Snareskin is back - this time with a remix of fellow countrymen Ducked Ape’s “Lost In Escape”, featuring Lauren Tyler Scott as featured on their Follow EP. With Lauren’s vocals also featuring prominently in Snareskin's remix, one is reminded of the original while also transported into Snareskin’s sonic universe and take on the tune.

Yet the drop blows everyone out of the water; a massive buildup leads to omnipresent synths punctuated by tom-tom fills, glides, arpeggios and bass drops in half-steps and minor keys. After the melodic assault comes another period of calm - a fitting transition given the backstory to “Lost In Escape”, but while one is indeed taken along for the ride it is never quite clear what will happen next.

Emotional and yet marinated in creativity, this remix is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

All stores October 26, 2015

1) Ducked Ape - Lost In Escape (ft. Lauren Tyler Scott) (Snareskin Remix)

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