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Sparkling Bits - Piratage

Belgian duo Sparkling Bits presents “Piratage”, an eerie yet oddly calm tune ripe with synth, strings, and percussion. This song takes us back to the 1700’s, setting the scene on a pirate ship that is floating stealthily on the sea. Calm arpeggios, flutes, and shuffled percussion give the song life and ambience. Yet somewhere in this sonic soup lies the knowledge that one is being taken on a journey to the darker parts of life.

The sense of adventure one gets is created through Sparkling Bits’ use of emptiness in tandem with precise synth stabs, samples and drum hits. A perfect match for Villain; brooding, emotional, and creative - keep your eyes on Sparkling Bits - lest you be plundered by “Piratage”!

Availability: 30 October, 2015

1) Sparkling Bits - Piratage

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