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Ark Patrol - Primo

[HR036] Ark Patrol - Primo (Album)

Heroic Recordings proudly present the new album of Ark Patrol.

The Hawaiian-born born Soultronica producer takes a more experimental route with Primo, creating an infusion of hip-hop beats, instrumental breakdown and soundscape tracks, as well as vocal tracks with Veronika Redd and Heroic’s own Dooqu. Primo is a melancholic and deep album that brings together the best in electronica and future bass.

1) Ark Patrol - At All (ft. Veronika Redd)
2) Ark Patrol - Escape (ft. Dooqu)
3) Ark Patrol - Halcyon
4) Ark Patrol - Intermission
5) Ark Patrol - Primo
6) Ark Patrol - Purgatory
7) Ark Patrol - Sinner


All stores November 20th.

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