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Froogle - Surreal Feels EP

[HR037] Froogle - Surreal Feels

“Creating unexpected feelings and emotions."

The newest EP from Froogle, entitled Surreal Feels, described in the following three words: emotional, melodic, and exquisite. Froogle’s creative use of empty space is expertly combined with smooth sonic production, applied across various genres like downtempo hip-hop, experimental and Future. Overall there is consistency in Froogle’s music; even though it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is consistent.

1) Froogle - Can’t Get Away (ft. Josh Rubin)
2) Froogle - Feel You (ft. Bassline Drift)
3) Froogle - Shut Down (ft. Yung Fusion)
4) Froogle - Lucid Dream
5) Froogle & Mapps - Feels Like (ft. Josh Rubin)

Availabilty: 25 February, 2016

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