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Malliv X Alliv - Fresh

[HR042] Mallive x Alliv- Fresh

Mallive strikes back with his buddy Alliv, bringing the world a new and ‘fresh’ style of music. Described by Mallive as 'a mix of heavy Trap influences, Future flow, and a little bit of DnB and Neuro speed.'

'This track I would call part of my exploration of sounds, material that started soon after the Nogawa EP. For the past year I've been finding my sound, which means that I spend a lot of time at the start of a project picking a bpm. So as part of that series, it's a "fresh" take on genre intermelding. I'm not sure if this will be my style for future material, but trust me you will be able to hear these vibes in what comes next.’ - Mallive

1) Mallive x Alliv - Fresh

Availabilty: Thursday, April 7, 2016
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