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Imagin8 - High Seas And Childish Dreams

[HR044] Imagin8- High Seas And Childish Dreams EP

Imagin8 returns to Heroic with a strong 3-track EP, packed with adventure, heavy drops and imagination.

'I like to think of my sound/this sound as a child with a wild imagination. I keep an open mind when I make this stuff so pretty much anything goes. I try to be as vivid as possible, so using nature to my advantage (like in U R The Reason), or using my favorite vocal sample ever (Here We Go!) just to try to give that feel of adventure and a sense of childlike fantasy... I just want to take people on an adventure, production after production.’ - Imagin8

1) Imagin8 - Adventure Time
2) Imagin8 - High Seas And Childish Dream
3) Imagin8 X soupandreas - U R The Reason

Availabilty: Thursday, April 14, 2016

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