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Selva - Struck (ft. Luke Cusato)

[HR045] Selva- Struck

Introducing Selva and Luke Cusato, a brand new addition to our roster. Adding a whole new sonic-dimension to Heroic. A sound we will be pushing more of in the future.

"I wanted the emotion and intensity to build throughout the track. I was channelling everything from soul to future, metal to dubstep, when I was writing. It's pretty different to anything I've made in the past. Luke couldn't have captured the emotion of the instrumental more perfectly with his vocals and lyrics.” - Selva

"I tried to make it heartfelt, real and passionate and not too far away from the kind of music I make myself. When people hear this track, I’d like it to take them to another world, maybe to forget everything or to experience a moment…Whatever that moment may be.” - Luke


1) Selva - Struck (ft. Luke Cusato)

Availabilty: Thursday, April 21, 2016

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