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WAQMEUP - Sequoia Tree (ft. Ehiorobo)

[HR048] WAQMEUP - Sequoia Tree (ft. Ehiorobo)

Waqmeup is back with talented up-coming vocalist Ehiorobo. Introducing the first track off his soon to be released debut EP!

'I feel like this is Dance and R&B. I couldn’t finish this song without Ehi. I really appreciate that he sang on my track. I just want people to hear his beautiful vocal. Actually I changed my concept after I got his vocal demo. It was so beautiful, so I really focused on his vocals.’ - Waqmeup

'I think the main take away of this track lies in the simple, emotional honesty in the vocals, as well as juxtaposing it with complex musicality. The narrative tells the story of an ended relationship, but the vocals pluck apart its complexities in a playful way.’ - Ehiorobo


1) Waqmeup - Sequoia Tree (ft. Ehiorobo)

Availabilty: Saturday, April 30, 2016

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