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Sundial - Your Scarf

[HR052] Sundial - Your Scarf

Introducing a brand new act to our roster, ‘Sundial’. A wonderful duo hailing from Boston, presenting the world with the beautiful medium between sound design, lush melodies and soothing vocals.

'With this track, we want to share with the world how we feel about life, and how important it is to enjoy the small things and not get caught up in the things that don't allow ourselves to breathe. With the song, we wanted people to understand that the happiest moments come from the relationships we create and the times we spend with our loved ones, be it friends, significant other, or family. "Your Scarf" was an incredibly personal and honest song. Even the title of the track is really special to us because it has to do with how we first met. Every detail in the track was meaningful and intentional.’ -Sundial


1) Sundial - Your Scarf

Availabilty: Saturday, May 14, 2016

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