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Luke Cusato - Breathe

[HR053] Luke Cusato - Breathe

Very proud to present you Luke Cusato’s debut solo Single on Heroic. The touching vocals by Luke meshed with the laid back piano chords, creates a very emotional record. One that will definitely give you goose-bumps.

'It's a pretty stripped back and emotional track. Something that is quite personal for me and I think you can definitely feel that. It's pretty much all about the vocal too, so it's me at my most vulnerable. I think it's important for music to evoke something in you; an emotion or a memory. If it makes you feel something when you listen to it then I think my job has been done. With music it has to be relatable. Everyone may have a different story .... but music should make us all feel the same. This track is about needing someone more than life itself.’ - Luke Cusato

1) Luke Cusato - Breathe

Availabilty: All stores May 20, 2016

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